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腸胃 益生菌
基因 檢測

HGT is the most professional bioinformatics and genomic technology company in Taiwan. It was founded in 2010 by a group of scholars from the Institute of Bioinformatics and System Biology of National Chiao Tung University along with industrial professionals. HGT focuses on bioinformatic analysis and research regards to biotechnology development.
It provides various genomic technology products and excellent services for domestic and international researchers. It opens a new path for biotechnology research and development, and jointly create the well-being of human health. Combined with genomic technology laboratories and bioinformatic analysis through microarrays, next-generation sequencing, third-generation sequencing, HGT provides professional and reliable scientific research services and public genetic health testing.

About the laboratory
康健基因 預防醫學 基因 檢測 個人化益生菌 基因檢測 10th_10 gene DNA

HGT is about to turn 10 years old!
With years of experience in advanced genomic technologies, HGT becomes the authorized service providers with the highest market share in Taiwan for the microarray, next-generation sequencing, and third-generation sequencing. HGT provides you the most comprehensive genetic research service.

    Leading brand in genetic testing

  • HGT has the most comprehensive gene polymorphism database in the industry along with the highest average disease associated with single nucleotides polymorphism (SNP) loci for reported diseases.
    (HGT database is based upon 5,411 loci selected from 2,863 curated reference selected from scientific papers published since 1999 to now which include 2,251,812 individuals in the disease group and 4,170,853 individuals in the control group.)

    Genetic technology certified laboratories.

  • TAF Preventive Medicine Laboratory ISO/IEC 17025:2017; CNS 17025:2018

    Illumina certified service provider

  • Provides Illumina biochips and next-generation sequencing service

    Oxford Nanopore Technologies Certified Service Provider

  • Provides Oxford Nanopore Technologies third-generation sequencing. (The first certified laboratory in Taiwan; the only original certified laboratory in 2018-2019).

    Bioinformatics analysis

  • The members of the health research and development team have published 40 papers in the journals with SCI impact Factor>10.0, including prestigious journals such as Science, Nucleic Acids Research, Hepatology, PLoS Biology, J. of Clinical Investigation, Circulation, Biomaterial, Oncogene, Nature Immunology, and Molecular Cell, etc¦ There are more than 13 highly cited papers (SCI highly cited papers), H-index is 41, the total number of citations exceeds 6,000 (Web of Science), and 9,800( Google Scholar).