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risk assessment

Health risk and trait assessment

HGT has the most comprehensive gene polymorphism database in the industry, with the highest number of reference loci (SNPs) per disease. Curated from the global database, the selection of research literature related to Asian ethnic genotypes is fully applicable to Chinese. The research literature collected a total of curated 2,863 articles selected from 1999 to present, screening 5,411 loci, and involved 2,251,812 experimental population and 4,170,853 control population.

SNP sites
case sample size
control sample size

HGT proposed the first post-GWAS analysis method for Taiwan, which was verified by the clinical specimen in Taiwan and published as literature. It includes the construction of statistical analysis, risk prediction models, stimulated (in silico) functional analysis, etc, Gene. 2013 Apr 10;518(1):107-13. DOI: 10.1016/j.gene.2012.11.067. Epub 2012 Dec 20. A new method for post-Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) analysis of colorectal cancer in Taiwan.

The members of the health research and development team have published 40 papers in the journals with SCI impact Factor>10.0, including prestigious journals such as Science, Nucleic Acids Research, Hepatology, PLoS Biology, J. of Clinical Investigation, Circulation, Biomaterial, Oncogene, Nature Immunology, and Molecular Cell, etc¦ There are more than 13 highly cited papers (SCI highly cited papers), H-index is 41, the total number of citations exceeds 6,000 (Web of Science), and 9,800( Google Scholar).


Disease risk
疾病 風險

Genes are inherited from birth, chronic diseases that were thought to be triggered by nurture factors have been studied and related to multiple genes in the human body. Genetic differences in innate personal body condition, acquired environmental factors and personal habits are the main causes of disease. When we determine our genes after decoding the genetic sequence, we can make a personalized health management plan, and be able to prevent, detect, as well as treat the potential diseases as early as possible.

“Talent is like a gem hidden deep under the rock. Without hard excavation, careful carving, it will not shine by itself. -Zhang Jie Every infant is like a hidden gem, waiting for their parents to lead them to shine. Genetic testing can understand the child’s talent potential and adaptive development early, and use this blueprint to create an exclusive core competence development plan, let the child be himself/herself while achieving the highest value.


42genetic tests

Talent assessment : Including IQ, various capability, sports talent, etc.


81genetic tests

Body condition assessment : It contains five senses, nutrient strengthening, adaptability, etc.


30genetic tests

Character assessment : including emotional IQ, traits, life attitude, etc.


Trait evaluation
潛能 檢測

Public Health

gut health risk assessment